First Class Chauffeur Service Ralph Zoberbier: you enjoy the ride!

Photos: Ralph Zoberbier

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Customer Voices

"Ralph Zoberbier has a beautiful limousine and provides top service. We felt quite safe and comfortable during the trip and were surprised how quickly we arrived at our destination."

N.N., Wiesbaden

"Would you like to enjoy such an experience as I recently did? Lean back and enjoy a gentle ride with a premier private chauffeur, an educated person, and forget your surroundings.

He's not just a driver, Ralph is an enlightening companion who takes care of everything, always ready for an interesting conversation."

Jean-Marie Bottequin, life coach, speaker, Munich

"This is a service you will want to take if you want to be treated like a royalty or VIP. The personal touch was like non other I have experienced.

There were organic apples, chocolates, and drinks in the car. Ralph was extremely friendly. It was such a pleasure and the 1 hour trip was very enjoyable."

P. S., sales director, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"The perfect all-round service: dependable, cordial, high-class and at the same time unobtrusive: you can not travel more pleasantly"

Prof. N.N.

"I used Ralph's chauffeur service on several occasions and it was excellent each time.

I really like it that Ralph knows so much about the area. His car is very comfortable, luxurious and full of style. Ralph's comforting driving makes the ride perfect.

It was really first class, and I am highly recommending Ralph's service."

A. L., Egersund, Norway

"Ralph's service was unique and unlike any other chauffeur I have experienced.

It was cool to see the sites and learn about some history. I really enjoyed the tour around Munich.

The sweets were good and so was the champagne.

It was great. I recommend Ralph's service."

Eric Jackson, professional snowboarder, Crowley Lake, California

"Ralph Zoberbier is a chauffeur who escorted my brother and me from the Munich airport up to a small village 3 hours north of Munich. Ralph added tremendously to our experience in the form of fascinating facts and stories about the country and countryside. He was also extremely flexible when we decided we’d like to peel off and visit Nuremberg and grab some coffee. The car was of immaculate quality and cleanliness and fresh pretzels, drinks and sweets awaited us upon entry. In short, if you are ever looking for a high quality driver in the Bavarian region of Germany, consider Ralph as an option."

B.F., Atlanta, Georgia

"Chauffeur dresses very nice and is charming, good information, friendly and helpful,
- drives safely and professionally,
- car is very nice and luxury,
- service is good as we get nice sweets and cool water etc.
- very good price as well
We love your service!

Thank you!"

N.P. entrepreneur, Vietnam

"Ralph Zoberbier's Chauffeur Service is a first class chauffeur company, as well as providing tour guide services in German or English, located in Munich, Germany.

Ralph made our Munich visit much more interesting than if we had been on our own, because Munich is not a city for anyone to drive in unless you are extremely comfortable with narrow streets, infrequent parking, dense traffic and a huge number of bicycles and motorcycles!

Booking a tour with Ralph, allows you to sit back and be very comfortable in a luxury vehicle, and allow Ralph to show you the city that you would never be able to discover yourself!

You can book Ralph's Chauffeur Service for a simple airport pickup or drop-off, a whole day or even longer.

He charges very reasonable prices by the hour irrespective of distance traveled."

Regards, Terry Lipford, Sarasota, Florida