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Photos: Ralph Zoberbier

Photos: Denis Rozhnovsky © fotolia

Request a Quote

Please provide the following information during a phone call to +49 176 5676-2771 or complete the email template here.

- name, address (city, postal code, street address) and passenger cellular phone number,
- pickup location (city, postal code, street address) and date and time of desired pickup
- destination (city, postal code, street address)
- additional comments (e.g. waiting time, further destinations, special needs e.g. narrated tour or number and age of children for child safety seats)
- first and last name as well as email address of the person sending this request for a quote
- invoice name and address (if different from passenger name and address) as well as
- desired payment option (cash, EC debit card, credit card, paper invoice at end of trip or invoice by postal mail or email)

We will provide you with a custom-made offer shortly after receiving the data. Thank you very much.